Monday, May 7, 2012

Movies Name Tell Me O KKhuda

The film is about of a girl named Tanya (Esha Deol) who gets to know that she is adopted, and wants to know her biological parents. She travels across the globe to find them. The first man she visits is a Hindu King (played by Vinod Khanna) named Abhay Pratap, ruling a patriarchal district in Rajasthan, where female infanticide is common. However, it's revealed that another girl, not Tanya, is the true princess since her nanny had hidden the truth all from everyone in order to protect the princess from getting harmed. Even the King hadn't known that his wife had given birth before getting killed in a fire. Next, Tanya travels to Turkey to meet a Muslim character, Altaf Zardari (played by Rishi Kapoor). This Muslim man and his non-Indian wife live a romantic life, but the wife doesn't remember losing her baby girl in the same fire that demolished the same hospital Tanya was born in. Tanya helps her regain her memory about the incident and accept her daughter's death, thinking that all the while she might be their true daughter. Since that's not the case, broken-hearted Tanya returns to India and her adoptive parents. She then embarks on one last mission to find her father; this time it's Tony Castello (played by Dharmendra), a mafia leader. Initially doubtful of her, Tony meets up with his ex flame, Suzie (Hema Malini), who is now a nun. Eventually, after a gang fight, Tony accepts Tanya as his daughter and the movie ends with Tanya and her best friend (Arjan Bajwa) tying the knot (in a church), and all four of Tanya's fathers walking her up the aisle.
Significance: Tanya's dad's name starts with an A (thus, all her "fathers" were named Abhay, Altaf and Anthony [full form for Tony]). Also, the day Tanya was born, there was a huge fire and the records get misplaced and that's where the confusion starts. A helpful police man takes pity on baby Tanya and takes her home since he and his wife have no children of their own

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