Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Movies Name Hate Story (2012)


Theatrical release poster
Directed byVivek Agnihotri
Produced byVikram Bhatt
Written byVikram Bhatt
StarringPaoli Dam
Gulshan Devaiya
Nikhil Dwivedi
Music byHarshit Saxena
Distributed byBVG Films
Release date(s)20 April 2012
Running time107 minutes
Box office9 crore

Kaavya (Journalist) and her best friend Vicky pull an anti-operation against one of the biggest business tycoons, which happens to be Siddharth Dhanrajgir's company. They take pictures of few black-business deals and write an article that gets published. Siddharth, being a rich and cocky tycoon, wants revenge so he calls Kaavya up for some coffee. He offers her a job in his company with three hundred percentage increase in income and Kaavya accepts his offer immediately. They go on a business trip together and Kaavya helps Siddharth get his company a good deal. That night, Siddharth takes Kaavya to dinner, where they both connect romantically and end up having sex. On return, Kaavya meets her friend Vicky and gives him the gifts she got for him and says 'I love my job'. An upset Vicky keeps silent and sad, but does not show off.
The next day, Kaavya goes to work and finds out that her entry pass to get inside the office has been cancelled. She goes to talk to Siddharth, who arrogantly talks about his plan and pulls a gun out, tortures her and says that he never had any feelings for her; he just wanted revenge for the sting operation she pulled. He tells her that he punishes people who mess with him, and tells her to get out of his office. Heartbroken Kaavya leaves and applies for another job with Vicky's support. While Vicky is dropping her, she runs out of the car and vomits. He takes her to the doctor, only to find out that she is now pregnant.
Kaavya immediately meets Siddharth again and he once again humiliates her, but she informs him that she is pregnant and says that she can prove that it's Siddharth's child (DNA). That night, he calls her and pretends to be sorry for what happened. Kavya immediately falls again and runs to meet him. He kidnaps her and not only kills the baby, but takes out her ovaries, and throws her. Kaavya becomes a sex worker and sleeps with many people to get to Siddharth. She finally gets him humiliated and arrested. Kaavya, now happy and content, moves on with Vicky, who confesses his love for her, but she gets shot to death by the wife of one of the men that she slept with. Kaavya dies and the woman shoots herself as well, saying that revenge is the best feeling.

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