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All About Movies Name Soundtrack 2011

Rio, often promoted as Rio: The Movie, is a 2011 American 3D computer-animated musical comedy film produced by Blue Sky Studios and directed by Carlos Saldanha. The title refers to the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro,[4] where the film is set. The film features the voices of Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway,, Jamie Foxx, George Lopez, Tracy Morgan, Jemaine Clement, Leslie Mann, Rodrigo Santoro and Jake T. Austin.[5] It tells the story of Blu (Eisenberg), a male blue macaw who is taken to Rio de Janeiro to mate with a female. He eventually falls in love with Jewel (Hathaway), a free-spirited macaw, and together they have to escape from being smuggled by Nigel (Clement), a cockatoo. The theme song, "Telling the World" was sung by Taio Cruz.
Saldanha developed his first story concept of Rio in 1995, in which a penguin is washed up in Rio. However, Saldanha learned of the production of the films Happy Feet and Surf's Up, and changed the concept to involve macaws and their environments in Rio. He proposed his idea to Chris Wedge in 2006, and the project was set up at Blue Sky. The main voice actors were approached in 2009. During production, the crew visited Rio de Janeiro and also consulted with an expert on macaws at the Bronx Zoo to study their movements.
20th Century Fox released the film on March 22, 2011 in Brazil and April 15, 2011 in the United States. The film received generally positive reviews from film critics. Observers praised the visuals, voice acting, and music. The film was also a box office success, grossing over In Brazil, several types of exotic birds get smuggled to different countries. While driving to Moose Lake, Minnesota, a crate with a male blue macaw hatchling falls into the snow. Linda Gunderson quickly finds the macaw, adopting him as her pet and naming him Blu. However, he is unable to fly, which makes him subject to ridicule by the Canadian Geese that frequent the outside of Linda's bookstore.
One day, ornithologist Túlio Monteiro invites Blu and Linda to vacation in Rio de Janeiro, on the condition that Blu mate with a female macaw before his return to Moose Lake, as he is the last male of his species. Linda takes the offer and the three are flown to Rio, where Blu meets a Red-crested Cardinal named Pedro and his Yellow Canary friend Nico. Blu is taken to Túlio's aviary, and falls in love with Jewel, a fiercely independent blue macaw longing to flee into the wilderness. Blu and Jewel are captured by a boy named Fernando and a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo named Nigel, both of whom work for a group of smugglers led by Marcel. Nigel tells the macaws that he vowed to smuggle exotic birds because of his role being replaced on a television program. Blu and Jewel flee into a jungle.
Fernando meets Linda and Túlio, explaining that Marcel forced him to capture birds, before cooperating with the two to find Blu. The macaws meet a Toco toucan named Rafael, who offers to take them to his bulldog friend Luiz to remove a chain connected to their legs. He also tries to teach Blu how to fly, before the three meet Pedro and Nico. Nigel hires a horde of thieving marmosets led by Mauro to capture Blu and Jewel. Pedro and Nico take Blu and Jewel to a bird's Rio-style party, where they perform a duet, but are attacked by the marmosets. Their bird friends fight them, allowing the five to flee. Linda and Túlio are taken to the smugglers hideout. While there, Marcel explains that he will use the Rio Carnival to capture Blu and Jewel.
Meanwhile, Blu and the others meet Luiz. Luiz releases the chain holding Blu and Jewel using his drool. After a brief falling out, Blu and Jewel decide to go their separate ways. When Blu and Rafael learn from Pedro and Nico that Nigel captured Jewel, the four rush to the carnival to rescue her, while Linda and Túlio organize a rescue attempt on the birds.
While Linda and Túlio pose as dancers (in costumes designed after Spix's Macaws), Marcel enacts his plan, using Nigel to capture the birds. On board Marcel's Short SC.7 Skyvan, the macaws release the captive birds out of the plane, but Nigel crushes Jewel's wing by sending a cage down on her while fighting with Blu. Blu uses a fire extinguisher to send Nigel into the propeller of the plane's engine, and the smugglers flee. Unable to fly, Jewel slips out of the plane and falls towards the ocean. Blu jumps out of the plane to rescue Jewel, and finally discovers that he is able to fly. Later, Linda, Túlio and Fernando organize a sanctuary to protect the jungle from smugglers. Blu and Jewel raise three chicks together and celebrate with their bird friends, Nigel is ridiculed for his loss of feathers, and the smugglers are sent to jail.

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All About Movies Name Rascals 2011


Theatrical release poster
Directed byDavid Dhawan
Produced bySanjay Dutt
Sanjay Ahluwalia
Vinay Choksey
Screenplay byYunus Sajawal
StarringSanjay Dutt
Ajay Devgn
Kangna Ranaut
Arjun Rampal
Lisa Haydon
Music byVishal-Shekhar
CinematographyVikas Sivaraman
Editing byNitin Rokade
Distributed byEros Entertainment
Release date(s)October 6, 2011
Chetan Chauhan (Sanjay Dutt) and Bhagat Bhosle (Ajay Devgan) are two con artists, who have recently robbed Anthony Gonsalves (Arjun Rampal). Bhagat first meets Anthony and steals his suitcase, covering it up with a fake suitcase of his own, and tries to leave with it, but the real suitcase accidentally comes out of the fake one, causing Anthony to chase Bhagat, who escapes. When Anthony goes to his car, he finds out that someone stole it. Chetan takes the car to a dealer, who changes the color of the car to fool Anthony in case he comes.
The two cons meet each other on a flight to Bangkok. Bhagat brags to Chetan that he is going to meet a girl named Dolly(Lisa Haydon), who he has paid for 4 nights and 3 days. Bhagat even tells Chetan the code word for meeting Dolly. When they reach the airport in Bangkok, both rob each other, but only Chetan is successful, as he gets Bhagat's cash and expensive watch, while Bhagat gets Chetan's fake wallet with fake money and fake credit cards. The two become enemies since then. But both meet again when their eyes fall on Khushi (Kangna Ranaut). Chetan lies that he is a donor, who helps the needy, while Bhagat acts to be a blind man, who was once a Navy officer. Both of them play foul tricks to get Khushi, which leads to disastrous results! Later, Bhagat gets hurt in an accident with his motorbike, and claims that the shock repaired his eyesight. After a party, Bhagat, Khushi, and Chetan go to a church while they are drunk, where they meet father Pascal(Satish Kaushik).
Khushi says she wants to marry both Bhagat and Chetan, but Father Pascal says that only one will marry Khushi, and the two must fight each other in the ring. The two fight, while accidentally hitting Father Pascal in the process. Chetan and Bhagat eventually get unconscious, and wake up to find Pascal beaten up(by the cons themselves), and Khushi is missing. Soon, Anthony greets the two cons, and tells them that he has kidnapped Khushi. If they want her, they need to give him the money that they stole from him in 24 hours. The two first go to a local bank in Bangkok, and tries to tell the bankers to give them money. The bankers get confused by what they mean, and tells them about their loan policy. Soon, a group of real robbers come to the bank. One of them insults Bhagat and Chetan, and the two fight back, taking out all the robbers in the process. As the cons try to leave with the cash, a banker stops them and asks for it back. Later, they steal money dressed as Santa, and goes to Anthony's plane. Anthony gives them Khushi. When the cons ask Khushi who does she love more, she goes straight to Anthony. The two cons were actually conned by Anthony, Khushi(Anthony's girlfriend), Father Pascal(Khushi's real father),and BBC(A friend of Anthony).
Later when Anthony reaches back home in India, he realizes that Bhagat and Chetan had stole from his own home to give him the ransom money, thus conning him of his own cash.

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All About Movies Name Damadamm 2011


Theatrical release poster
Directed bySwapna Waghmare
Produced byHimesh Reshammiya
Written bySubrat Sinha
StarringHimesh Reshammiya
Sonal Sehgal
Purbi Joshi
Music bySachin Gupta
HR Musik
Distributed byViacom 18 Motion Pictures
Release date(s)27 October 2011
Running time122 min
BudgetINR3.5 crore (US$665,000)
Box officeINR36.5 crore (US$6.94 million)
Damadamm is about the life of Sameer (Himesh Reshammiya), a writer who writes scripts for Indian films. He  works with his girlfriend, Shikha (Purbi Joshi) at the industry. Shikha is totally over-posseive over Sameer, and suspects him all the time. Due to a speciallity, Sameer can't dump her either. He has no idea how to get rid of Shikha's suspicion, until one day her family invites her over for a relatives' wedding. She leaves for a few weeks, and until then, Sameer gets his total freedom. He drinks; parties and even flirts with random girls. One day, enters a new girl into his office, Sanjana (Sonal Sehgal) and its love at first-sight for both of them. The two are then assigned to work together on a film, but Sameer has to be careful, as Sanjana is his boss' younger sister. Whilst working together, Sameer and Sanjana start to fall in love.
During this, Sameer even starts to ignore Shikha's phone calls. Getting fed up, Shikha arrives back home, when she see's how close Sameer and Sanjana have gotten within 15 days she gets jealous, causing an arugment with Sameer and the two break up. She then starts friendship with Sameer, after his boss arranges for Sameer and Sanjana's wedding. But before the wedding Sameer eventually realizes he truly loved Shikha and can't live without her, so he breaks the marriage with Sanjana. Therefore, his boss sacks him, whereas Sameer replies that he would rather pick his girlfriend Shikha then his work. Sameer manages to convince Shikha to give him another chance.
Later the boss rehires both Sameer & Shikha and even throws them a party. (The film ends with celebrations and the song "Umrao Jaan").

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All About Movies Name Yeh Faasley (2011)

h Faasley

Theatrical release poster
Directed byYogesh Mittal
Produced byOmprakash Mittal
Screenplay byAtul Tiwari
Rajen Makhijani
Yogesh Mittal
Story byAtul Tiwari
Sameer Kohli
Arpita Chatterjee
Rajen Makhijani
Yogesh Mittal
StarringAnupam Kher
Pawan Malhotra
Tena Desae
Music byDeepak Pandit
CinematographyAmitabha Singh
Editing bySuvir Nath
StudioBhawani Pictures
Release date(s)March 4, 2011

[7] Arunima the daughter of one of the biggest builders in town has returned home after completing her studies. She is happy that she will now be living with her father Devinder Devilal Dua for good. Arunima lost her mother to a car accident when she was barely two..
Devinder Devilal Dua is a gregarious man who loves his daughter a lot and wants his daughter Arunima to live as freely as possible.
Arunima further chances upon a few things from the past.. and it is a revelation for her that her mothers personality was very different to what her father narrates. She further meets an old friend of her mother, Diggy and a few people from the past who tell stories that point in the direction that her mother was not a happy as long as she lasted.
With the image of the past being different to what her father has been telling her, Arunima is left in doubt about what really is the past and especially when the father is not giving a conclusive answer. To top it.. Arunima starts to learn about too many shades of her father that she has never seen.
Arunima is at a loss, as everything that she is learning about the past is in complete contradiction to what she knew and the man she loves the most, her father, has so many shades that she is not even aware of.
Arunima is torn between love for her father and the truth.. But she is even more guilty as the needle of suspicion keeps pointing towards her own father. The man she loves the most is that man Arunima suspects. The shadow of doubt becomes a very difficult place to live under.
So Arunima sets out on a journey to find the truth about her mothers and fathers past and more so how her mother died.

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All About Movies Name Force 2011


Theatrical release poster
Directed byNishikanth Kamath
Produced byVipul Amrutlal Shah
Written byRitesh Shah
Story byRitesh Shah
StarringJohn Abraham
Genelia D'Souza
Music byHarris Jayaraj
CinematographyAyananka Bose
Editing byAarif Shaikh
Distributed byFox Star Studios
Sunshine Pictures Pvt. Ltd.
Release date(s)September 30, 2011
Running time138 minutes
BudgetINR18 crore (US$3.42 million)[1]
The film starts with Yash in hospital, recalling his accident and Maya being kidnapped by Vishnu. ACP Yashvardhan (John Abraham) meets Maya (Genelia D'Souza) while he is on a drug mission. Maya thought him to be a thug on their first meeting. They meet twice after that and every time she misbehaves with him. One night when Maya is coming back from a late night movie show, police stops her. Her friend does not have his driver's license on him. Fortunately for them ACP Yasvardhan is present there and he sees Maya is in trouble. He intervenes and let's them off the hook. Maya gets to know that the person she thought as a thug is an ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police). The next day she meets him by accident and apologizes. One day when Maya is crossing the road she meets with an accident because she was looking back at Yash and does not notice the oncoming car. With time they start to meet, talk and go out regularly. Maya confesses her love to Yash however he said refutes her advances because he does not want her to become his weakness in his professional life. But when Swati (Sandhya Mridul) tell Yash the he is really in love with Maya he decides to get married to her. By the time there has been a big drug case and Mahesh Pande(Raj Babbar), Atul Kalseka (Mohnish Bahl), ACP Yashvardhan & Kamlesh together kill Reddy (Mukesh Rishi) while he is peddling drugs. After that Yash, Mahesh & Kamlesh are suspended for killing Reddy instead of arresting him. Reddy's brother Vishnu (Vidyut Jamwal) vows to avenge his brother's death by killing all of Reddy's killer before resuming his drug business. His first attack was Yash but he manages to survive it. Vishnu's second attack was on Zonal and it was successful because he kills Mahesh after raping her girlfriend Rachana (Anaitha Nair) infront of him. Next week Yash and Maya get married. But the day they are married Swati is kidnapped by Vishnu and Atul is forced to tell him where Yash will be that night. When Yash and Maya are sleeping Vishnu and his people come and shoot three bullets into Yash and kidnap Maya. However Yash manages to survive this attack as well. Vishnu breaks his promise that he had made to Atul which is that he will release Swati after he Atul tells him the place where Yash spends the night. When Vishnu rings Atul, he asks him where Swati is. Vishnu tells him that he will release Swati if Atul kills Yash. To get Swati back, Atul enteres the room where Yash rests and tries to kill him but he cannot bring himself to kill his friend and ends up crying loudly. Yash awakes to find Atul crying and gets to know everything. He asks Atul to tell every news channel that ACP Yashvardhan died because of a breathing problem. After that Atul gives a call to Vishnu and Vishnu asks him to come to a place to get Swati. They all go together to that place and find Swati's body hanging on the roof. Atul kills himself after seeing this. Out of all the 4 NCP police officers only two are left and they are Yash & Kamlesh however Vishnu does'nt know that Yash is alive so. He calls Kamlesh and asks him to come and surrender himself to Vishnu in exchange of Maya's release. Yash and Kamlesh both go to the place Vishnu asks them to come to. Here Vishnu finds out that Yash is still alive. Kamlash is shot by Vishnu but does'nt die. Yash chases Vishnu and Vishnu shoots Maya infront of Yash and pushes her down. Yash catches her but Maya dies in Yash's arms. Finally Yash kills Vishnu. The film ends with Yash getting a call from Kamlash telling him that he has found a new informer. The film ends with Yash talking to Maya's photo saying that he'll be coming home late tonight.

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All About Movies Name Miley Naa Miley Hum 2011

Director: Tanveer Khan
Cast: Chirag Paswan, Kangana Ranaut

There seems to be a covert agenda on why producer Anuj Saxena would invest on the film's male lead. Chirag Paswan lacks screen presence so much so that you disregard him from the frame and take more notice of the in-film brand endorsements in the backdrop, which includes Saxena's pharmaceutical lineup.

Chirag (Chirag Paswan) happens to be the blue-eyed boy of his father ( Kabir Bedi) and mother (Poonam Dhillon), though his parents have separated years ago. Reason? Mother was upset that father was playing tennis when son was born!!! Never mind, now both the parents are hell-bent to marry off their only son to a girl of their choice. Prospective candidates come in form of Bollywood stereotypes of an NRI chick (Sagarika Ghatge) and the desi Punjabi kudi prototype (Neeru Bajwa).

One song with each contender and Chirag is convinced that neither girl is his type. So he hires an aspiring model Anishka (Kangana Ranaut) to pose as his girlfriend to ward off the others. All that the goofy Anishka does is spit and puke on Chirag and he still falls in love with her!!! Amidst all this, just forgot to mention (like the script) that Chirag's heart actually beats for tennis sport. Interested or not, you have to sit through an entire match before the film ends.

Writer-director Tanveer Khan comes up with a boring plot, which doesn't even qualify to be a TV serial and above that a screenplay, which is as amateurish as the performances. In what would seem like the most unconvincing scene of the year - when daddy dear makes a phone call to long-lost friend ( Dalip Tahil) with a marriage proposal for their kids, the friend, who is almost on the verge of marrying off his daughter to someone else, instantly calls off the engagement. Saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed would only be an understatement.

Chirag Paswan tries too hard to make an impact but fails to deliver with an inflexible demeanour. Had it been some other genre, one could have passed it off as a no-nonsense character (but sorry, no luck here). He maintains the same expression (or the lack of it) throughout the film. Thanks to her lack of comic timing, Kangana Ranaut continues to consistently disappoint from No Problem, Rascals to this one. Sagarika Ghatge and Neeru Bajwa are hardly there for a couple of scenes and comparatively Shweta Tiwari gets more visibility in her solo item number. Poonam Dhillon almost reprises her role from Dil Bole Hadippa. And Kabir Bedi's baritone leaves more impact than the whole film.

So if the question is Miley Naa Miley Hum, you know the answer...

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All About Movies Name Jo Dooba So Paar 2011

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All About Movies Name Jo Dooba So Paar 2011

All About Movies Name Tell Me O Kkhuda 2011

Director: Hema Malini
Actors: Esha Deol, Arjan Bajwa
Rating: * Here’s the story: The heroine’s an artiste of sorts. Much later in her youth, she figures that she’s in fact an adopted child. Confused by this strange turn of events, she leaves home,

related stories
Mayank Shekhar's review: Damadamm
DRESSED FOR DIWALI! Hema, Esha in a shoot
Mayank Shekhar's review: RA.One
generally curious to finally meet her biological parent. Her boyfriend remains by her side. This was Hema Malini’s directorial debut in 1992, with Shah Rukh Khan playing that boyfriend, and Divya Bharti, the leading lady.

Two decades hence, Hema Malini’s the director again; her daughter (Esha Deol) is the heroine. The story remains roughly the same! Which is fair. I don’t think anyone’s interested in telling a story here, commercial hit for the daughter, her re-launch as it were, is more important. It’s easy to tell why this movie got made.

Suddenly, out of the sea in captivating silver overtone, emerges the hot leading lady in ghagra-choli, under a full moonlight. This shows her sensuous side. But she’s not just a pin-up. On a threatening sunny day, in the scorching heat of Rajasthan, this Flying Sikh can dive, land straight onto the back of a running camel set to the chant of “Jai Maa Bhawani”. This is Rekha's Jhansi Ki Rani type stuff from past her glory days.

This lead character, a writer by profession, has just won the famed camel race in a town called Pratapgarh. She’s the first female to do so. The race sequence is delightful. The heroine’s father, in real life, I’m told, has been a member of parliament from Bikaner in Rajasthan. The locations scouted for is understandably stunning. Thrown back in time, she is surrounded by Rajput warriors, rotary phones, massive palace. The king could be her biological father (Vinod Khanna). We don’t know yet.
Or the real dad (Rishi Kapoor) could be an Indian Muslim man in a town called Kas. We’re in Turkey: I mean of course the European country, not this oddly ballistic movie. The scenic beauty seems sponsored by the tourism board. The mother in this half-Indian household went cuckoo when her child died at birth, 24 years before: she carries kiddie books, talks to an empty crib, dances with an infant’s sweater on her chest. She could be the heroine’s real mom. You never know.

There are basically three daddies in contention: Abhay, Altaf, Anthony, much like Amar, Akbar, Anthony. A jobless boyfriend (Arjan Bajwa) and his carefree lackey (Chandan Roy Sanyal) get to vacation, enjoy a free ride, touring on this search. The final destination’s Goa, where the dad could turn out to be a well known dreaded don.

This is when daddy of ‘em all Dharmendra walks into the picture. He, of the “kutte kaminey, main tera khoon pee jaoonga” fame, beats other villains to pulp, knocks down armies. “Oh Jheezes,” you go, as Garam Dharam puts in this pic. It’s a sad parody. The 76-year-old ‘70s superstar did this for his sons Sunny, Bobby in Yamla Pagla Deewana (2011). That unbearable picture was a hinterland hit. He’s giving his best for his luckless daughter this time.

Extreme love for the progeny produces corruption in several societies. It produces some terribly inspired entertainment in India. Few grudge the latter as much, I suppose. They don't have to sit through it, if they don’t wish to. I didn’t have a choice.

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Movies Name Loot 2011

Loot revolves around the misadventures of four criminals comprising Builder (Suniel Shetty), Pandit (Govinda), Akbar Qureshi (Jaaved Jaaferi) and Wilson (Mahakshay Chakraborty) who work for one Batliwala (Dalip Tahil). The four rogues are sent on a mission to Pattaya to rob a house filled with priceless valuables. However, the quartet soon discover that the house they have been sent to rob belongs to a dreaded don named Lalla Bhatti (Mahesh Manjrekar), an unpleasant sod who doesn't think twice about breaking his own brother's arm (Shehzad Khan) for an unpaid debt. If robbing a don's residence was not enough, the quarter also manage to get in the way of a 'shayari' spouting Intelligence agent VP Singh (Ravi Kissen) keeping tabs on the don, an underworld patriarch Khan saab (Prem Chopra) and an East Asian thug named Asif trying to trace his stolen car. Pretty soon, all the characters of the film are pulled in a cat and mouse with each other, with some audio tapes containing some damning conversations being the prize of the game. In the climax, the quartet, with some help by a local hustler Varinder (Mika Singh) and his moll Sharmili (Kim Sharma) manage to set off the bad guys against each other and save their collective bacons in the process (Yawn)
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Movies Name Desi Boyz 2011

Desi Boyz is the story of two friends, Jerry alias Jignesh Patel (Akshay Kumar) and Nick Mathur (John Abraham), who live in London and who are hit hard by recession. Jerry does odd jobs for a living as he is an undergraduate but Nick has a white-collar job. However, both find themselves jobless due to the economic downturn. Jerry has a little, school-going nephew Veer (Master Virej Desai) to look after as the child has lost both his parents. Nick is to marry his girlfriend, Radhika Awasthi (Deepika Padukone), who dreams of a lovely wedding, a great honeymoon and a wonderful house to live in after marriage.
Out of job, Jerry finds it difficult to even pay the school fees of his nephew because of which the government is on the verge of giving the custody of his nephew to a foster family. Nick fears, he won’t be able to fulfil the dreams of his to-be wife. It is to tide over the difficult times that Jerry and Nick turn to the oldest profession in the world. They become male escorts, fulfilling the costume fantasies of girls and ladies. Ironically, Jerry can’t ultimately prevent his nephew from being sent to a foster home; and Nick loses Radhika when she learns of what he has been up to while she is away in India. Frustrated, Nick blames Jerry for forcing him into the profession and asks him to move out of his house and life.
Nick now tries hard to win Radhika back and help comes from the most unlikely source – Radhika’s father Suresh (Anupam Kher) who has come to London with her. Meanwhile, Jerry registers in college again to complete his graduation so that he can earn enough money to get his nephew back home. In college, Jerry meets Tanya Sharma (Chitrangada Singh) who used to be his over-sized classmate and is now a hot and a sexy professor in the same college. Sparks fly between Jerry and Tanya.
Jerry completes his graduation with the help of Tanya. For his graduation ceremony, Nick brings Jerry's mother from India and the old friends thus unite. Jerry helps Nick regain his girlfriend while Nick helps Jerry win a job thereby regaining custody of his nephew following a law suit which Jerry and Nick fight together.

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Ra.One (Hindi: रा.वन), sometimes written as RA One or RA.One, is a 2011 Hindi science fiction superhero

film written and directed by Anubhav Sinha. The film features Shahrukh Khan in dual roles, and also stars Kareena Kapoor, Armaan Verma and Arjun Rampal in the lead. Shahana Goswami, Dalip Tahil and Chinese-American actor Tom Wu appear in supporting roles, along with Rajinikanth, Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra making cameo appearances. The film follows Shekhar (Khan), a game designer living and based in London along with his wife (Kapoor) and son (Verma), who designs a motion-sensor based game in which the villain is far more powerful than the hero. In the process, the villain escapes from the video game and begins to track down the only person ever to defeat him, Lucifer (Verma). Ra.One was jointly produced by Eros International and Khan's production company, Red Chillies Entertainment.[4] Initially expected to hit theatres on June 3, 2011, the release of the film was pushed back to the Diwali weekend of October 26, 2011 due to extensive post-production work involving special effects and 3D conversion.

Development of the project commenced in 2004 when Sinha wrote a three-page short story based on a commercial he had seen. Upon finalizing the story, pre-production work began after the release of Khan's Om Shanti Om in 2007,[5] with principal photography commencing in March 2009.[6] In July 2011, it was announced that the entire film would be converted into 3D.[7] The visual effects of the film were carried out by Red Chillies VFX, under the supervision of Hollywood effects technician Jeffrey Kleiser. With an estimated budget of 125 crore (US$23.75 million),[1] Ra.One is the second-most expensive film ever produced in Indian cinema, following Enthiran (2010).[8] In addition, an estimated 52 crore (US$9.88 million) was spent on marketing through various partnerships, which set the record for the largest marketing budget in India. Red Chillies Entertainment spent up to 10 crore (US$1.9 million) while their partners like McDonald's covered the remaining costs in order to be associated with the Ra.One brand.[9] The film faced multiple problems prior to its release, including censorship, soundtrack "leaks" and copyrights, the latter of which cost the producers 1 crore (US$190,000). The film witnessed a level of publicity campaigning previously unseen in India films, with marketing taking place over a period of nine months and involving major brand tie-ups, merchandise, theme-based video games and extensive viral marketing. The film also faced uncertainty regarding the preparedness of the film for release, with several rumours and media stories that the film would not be completed on time.
Ra.One had premieres in Dubai, London and Toronto during the period of October 24–26.[10] The film released across 3,100 screens in India and 904 prints overseas in both 2D and 3D,[11] and was also dubbed in Tamil and Telugu,[12] making it the largest Indian cinematic release in the world. Upon release, while the Indian critics gave mixed reviews, the overseas film critics received it warmly. The film has been widely praised for its visual effects and action, though criticism has been generated regarding its script and direction. Subsequently, the success of the effects and the 3D version of the film prompted multiple other Bollywood filmmakers to consider technology as a part of film-making, especially in view of the success of Ra.One and the inordinately higher returns generated from 3D ticket sales.[13] The film went on to break multiple box-office records, including highest Diwali day collections, highest single-day collections, highest three-day collections and biggest overseas collections of 2011. Within a week of its theatrical run, Box Office India declared the film a hit in India,[14] and a week later, a super hit overseas. However, the film's box office performance was termed "average" by trade pundits (analysts).[15] According to its distributors, Ra.One is the second highest-grossing Bollywood film worldwide. It earned 240 crore (US$45.6 million) from all its versions.

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Movies Name Ledies vs Ricky Bhai 2011

  The movie appears to be partly based on the novel 'Not a penny more, not a penny less' although the
Ladies vs Ricky Bahl

Theatrical Release Poster
Directed byManeesh Sharma
Produced byAditya Chopra
Screenplay byDevika Bhagat
Story byAditya Chopra
StarringAnushka Sharma
Ranveer Singh
Parineeti Chopra
Dipannita Sharma
Aditi Sharma
Music bySalim-Sulaiman
CinematographyAseem Mishra
Ravi K. Chandran
Editing bySuresh Sharma
Distributed byYash Raj Films
Release date(s)9 December 2011
BudgetINR25 crore (US$4.75 million)[1]
Box officeINR32.97 crore (US$6.26 million)

endings are altered. Ricky Bahl (Ranveer Singh), a con man has a creative mind and cons some rich girls. He can pick-up any lady he wants. But love isn't Ricky's priority, money is. He adopts a variety of personas to support an extravagant lifestyle by conning his many 'girlfriends' out of large sums of cash. To Delhi student Dimple Chaddha (Parineeti Chopra), he is fitness trainer Sunny Singh. To hard-working, 35-year-old Lucknow widow Saira Rashid (Aditi Sharma), she knows him as shy Iqbal Khan. And successful, independent career woman Raina Parulekar (Dipannita Sharma) thinks he's art dealer Deven Shah. But a chance encounter unites the trio and, discovering the truth, they hatch a plan to get their money back. So now unsuspecting Ricky is about to meet his match in the shapely form of Ishika Desai (Anushka Sharma), who is a sales girl called by Raina to help them get their money back. On the first night of her task, Ishika meets Ricky at a bar, and the next day receive's flowers through Shankar from a man called Vikram Thappar, the man she met at the bar (Ricky). She meets Ricky at his working place, next to the beach, and she tells her that she'd like to invest in a restaurant, and he (thinking he can con her) says he'll help her, and then the game begins, few days pass where Ishika and Vikram are seen together while being spied on by the trio. The 2 attend a business party, and once it gets over, Vikram and Ishika are just standing together looking at fireworks, and then they go to a disco party. Thats where Ishika and Ricky fall in love, there dancing and then they kiss.
Later on after dropping Ishika back to her house, he turns around and goes back to confess his love, but overhears the trio and Ishika talking about the plan, and hours later, he proposes to Ishika, Ishika wants to say yes, but instead she wants the trio to advice her. They tell her to marry him (pretend to)So they hatch a plan to make him talk to Ishika's dad about buying a property before the marriage, even though Vikram doesn't have the money. So the trio tell Ishika to give in all their own money to him so he can give them their conned money back to them (with out knowing)Thinking they got their money back, they realize the investment for the property is a low amount and Raina blames Ishika, the trio leave to their place feeling defeated when they see Ricky sitting at their door step, he returns their money and says that his Proposal was true to Ishika. Them getting their money back go to the airport and think about what if they told Ricky how much Ishika loves him back. Ishika is at her job giving out leaflets when Ricky calls her name, he desperately keeps proposing to her, and she loves him so she accepts, and before they kiss Ishika finds out that his name is actually Ricky, and they both kiss while the trio watch them from a CCTV camera (even though Dimple is sad about the relationship) the movie ends with the song called 'Thug Le.'
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Movies Name Pappu Can,t Dance Saala 2011

Saurabh Shukla has returned to direction two years after the release of his film Raat Gayi Baat Gayi? His latest directorial venture Pappu Can't Dance Saala has created lot of curiosity among the movie goers and the film suffers from weak and illogical script. Neha Dhupia's flawless performance is the only solace in the flawed plot.

Pappu Can't Dance Saala is a romantic comedy. Other than Neha Dhupia's rocking performance, there is no other major aspect to boast about. The film has weak and predictable story. The movie has several illogical and dragged sequences like a Kolhapuri girl hitting stardom overnight and the hero and heroine, who are not government officials, getting flats in Sales Tax colony.

The story revolves around Vidyadhar Acharya (Vinay Pathak), who has just shifted from Benares, is a Medical Representative at a company in Mumbai. The old fashioned man is struggling to cope up with fast-paced life in the city. Mehak Malavde (Neha Dhupia), who is a dynamic chorus dancer, is a neighbour of Vidya in Sales Tax colony. The two hate each other a lot. Mehak occupies Vidya's flat when Tax Officials raids her flat. What happens when Vidya is forced to stay with her in his house will form the climax of the film.

First of all, Vinay Pathak is not a perfect match for the role 30-year-old MR Vidya. The actor, who is known for his superb comic timing in Beja Fry, Utt Pataang and Chalo Dilli, has failed to tickle the funny bones of the audiences. As Mahek, Neha Dhupia has delivered wonderful performance. She seems to have polished her acting skills a lot. The chemistry between Neha and Vinay is also pleasing in some sequences. The director seems to have wasted talented actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Rajat Kapoor and Sanjay Mishra.

The movie lacks sound technical elements. Malhar has composed seven track, which are simple and forgettable. Fuwad Khan's camera work is good in parts. Dialogues, costumes and locations are decent. Overall, the movie Pappu Can't Dance Saala can be watched for Neha's performance.

Producer: Ravindra Singh, Sameer Nair

Director: Saurabh Shukla

Cast: Vinay Pathak, Neha Dhupia, Rajat Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah, Sanjay Mishra, Saurabh Shukla

Music Director: Malhar

Topics: bollywood reviews, pappu cant dance saala, saurabh shukla, vinay pathak, neha dhupia

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Movies Name Don 2

The bosses of the cartel meet in the French Riviera to discuss a new threat emerging from AsiaDon (Shahrukh Khan) is jeopardizing their business because he is able to sell drugs at a much lower price to their customers. The bosses send word out that Don must die. Don has been living in Thailand for the past five years and goes to a remote settlement to pick up a shipment of cocaine. Instead of a normal transaction, Don has to fight his way out because the more powerful European dealers want him dead. He then inexplicable goes back to MaEuropean druglaysia where he surrenders to Roma (Priyanka Chopra) and Inspector Malik (Om Puri). Don is sentenced to death and sent to a Malaysian prison where he meets his old rival Vardhaan (Boman Irani). Don and Vardhaan escape the prison by poisoning all the inmates and go to ZurichSwitzerland, where Don meets his girlfriend and trusted companion, Ayesha (Lara Dutta). In Zurich, they retrieve the contents of a locker only Vardhaan could access. The locker holds a tape that shows Diwan (Aly Khan), the vice president of a Euro printing bank called the DZB, bribing someone to kill a competitor. Don blackmails Diwan into giving him the blueprints to the bank so that he can steal the printing plates. Diwan gives him fake information and hires assassins instead. Don manages to escape and forces the assassins to work for him. Diwan, left with no choice, hands over the real information.

Don and his new team plan a bank robbery and carry out their plan by taking hostages. After stealing the printing plates, Don is betrayed by Vardhaan and his team but manages to escape. However, one of the members, Sameer , calls the police and Don is captured. Unable to enter the bank and free the hostages, the police are forced to work with Don to get back into the bank in exchange for immunity. Don and Roma manage to reach Vardhaan but Roma is shot because she refuses to kill Don when told to do so. This gives an idea that Roma still has soft corner for Don, even though he killed her family. Don, Vardhaan and his thugs fight and Don manages to defeat them. He then get his immunity papers and takes Roma to an ambulance. Don and Roma exchange one glance at each other before the ambulance doors close. He then detonates a bomb he planted earlier in Diwan’s car. It is revealed that Don actually still has the original money plates and gave fake ones to the police. The fake plates are destroyed in the explosion that kills Diwan. The police cannot do anything as Don has immunity and do not know that Don has the real plates. Don also gives the police a disc of all his associates but it is really a disc with the names of the European drug cartel. All the members of the cartel are arrested and Don becomes the king of the European underworld.

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The film opens showing a large crowd outside the famous Verona ArenaItaly, with eager fans queuing outside the arena for the concert of rock star Jordan (Ranbir Kapoor). Jordan, who moments ago was being attacked by thugs, manages to escape and reach the arena. He breaks the fan barriers and shows complete disregard for his fans, storms onto the stage in a fit of rage and starts strumming his guitar.
The movie goes into flashback to the story of Janardhan Jakhar a.k.a JJ, a simple Haryanvi boy from Pitam PuraDelhi, who yearns to some day become a big star. His dreams are, however, only a source of amusement and jokes for his friends. Khatana, the canteen owner (Kumud Mishra) where JJ frequents, tells him that the only way JJ can produce melody is if he undergoes trauma via a heartbreak.
Janardhan jokingly tells himself that since he hasn't seen bad times, he hasn't been able to reach his idol's (Jim Morrison) level of fame, and he needs to do something about it. JJ and his friends go to a performance of Heer Kaul (Nargis Fakhri), one of the most beautiful girls in Stephen's College, where JJ overhears that Heer is the "perfect heartbreaking machine". Janardhan instantly decides that proposing to her (and being humiliated in the process) is the perfect method to receive the much needed "heart-break" and the key to "fame". That doesn't quite happen though, but in the ensuing process, they both become good friends, hanging out together and doing naughty things together (like drinking desi liquor and watching a sleazy B-grade Hindi movie called "Jungli Jawaani").
The focus then shifts to Heer's wedding in Kashmir, after which Heer and her husband (Moufid Aziz) are set to depart to Prague. During the wedding preparations, Heer develops feelings for JJ, but does not confess to him. Before leaving, she coins the name "Jordan" for JJ. Janardhan returns to his life back home, however, life takes an ugly turn when JJ is clobbered and thrown out of his house by his elder brother for attending Heer’s wedding and for stealing INR5 lakh. JJ takes refuge for two months in the nearby Nizamuddin Dargah, singing qawwalis, then grows weary and shifts to a local temple where he spends some time singing bhajans. Losing interest from all of this, he requests and takes refuge in Khatana's home.
Ustad Jameel Khan (Shammi Kapoor), a renowned classical artist and a Padma Bhushan, remembers having seen and heard JJ singing at the Dargah and prompts Dhingra (Piyush Mishra), the owner of a music company called "Platinum Records", to sign JJ as he foresees a great future for him. (there is no mention in the film that Ustad Jameel Khan is a singer, just a renowned classical artist). Sheena (Aditi Rao Hydari), a journalist interviewing Jordan as a rockstar, hints Jordan that Dhingra intends to send some artists to Prague for a tour and recordings, Jordan instantly volunteers to work there in order to reunite with Heer.
Heer, meanwhile, has been having health issues for some time now and has been regularly visiting a psychatrist for treatment. Jordan and Heer finally meet and after a while of intimacy, Jordan tries to profess his love for her, but Heer, being married, spurns his advances. Despite Heer's warnings to Jordan asking him to stay away from her, Jordan decides to say "bye" one last time before departing for India. While doing so, Jordan trespasses on Heer’s property and is arrested by cops and deported back to India. Jordan, upon being brought to India, is overwhelmed by the media attention and him being painted in a negative light. Frustrated, Jordan clashes with the media and the Indian Police and is sent to jail. Dhingra becomes happy about the publicity he has received because of Jordan, which has helped sales of his records.
During one of his live performances, Jordan meets Mandy (Heer's younger sister) who asks him to help Heer, who has been diagnosed with terminal bone marrow cancer. Jordan disregards all his work-related commitments and immediately leaves to meet Heer. Heer's mother, Neena Kaul , who knows about Jordan's past with Heer, gets angry and asks Jordan to leave her house. To her and their family doctor's surprise, Heer starts quickly recovering due to Jordan, so they fly back from Prague to India. On reaching India, Jordan again clashes with the media as they link him with Heer, portraying her as having an affair with Jordan despite being married. Heer convinces Jordan to first finish his work and then come to meet her, so she and Mandy go back to her Mother's place. However, Heer's condition worsens as she slowly slips into a coma, and Heer is discovered to be pregnant with Jordan's child. Mandy calls Jordan one last time hoping that she will recover, but she doesn't.
The film ends as it started: with Jordan performing "Nadaan Parindey", and he envisions Heer's spirit having flown to him.

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