Thursday, January 19, 2012

Movies Name Tell Me Okkhuda

Once in a while, a zealous filmmaker decides to break away from an existing formula and sets out to attempt something new. Considering that audiences in recent times have been bombarded with mindless slapstick comedies (being purportedly made for multiplex viewers) and even more inane Bollywoodised remakes of successful Hollywood blockbusters, audiences greet these productions with a fair amount of enthusiasm.

The joy is short-lived however. A serious issue has been trivialised and handled in a flippant fashion in Hema Malini's [ Images ] second directorial venture Tell Me O Khuda.

Hema Malini believes herself to be a feminist of sorts. So she strongly believes the films she makes must have the ability to stir women into thinking for themselves. If this film were to be dubbed into English, the most appropriate title would be 'Messages In A Bottle' (with due apologies to Nicholas Sparks).

Tell Me O Khuda is all about Esha Deol [ Images ], Esha Deol and still more Esha Deol. She plays Tanya, a hip-n-happening novelist whose trendy advice provides solace to women all over the countryside. Of course her maturity isn't built on a strong foundation. One blow and her confidence is shattered.

Tanya has just woken up to the fact that she is adopted, and is seized with the desire to know her biological parents. She will travel across the countryside or the globe to find them. And here begin her travails.

During the various stages of her journey, she tackles the issues of women's empowerment, female foeticide, male chauvinism, problems of landless peasants, psychological traumas suffered by women (particularly those who remain childless), and, of course, notorious criminals who can bump her off without a second thought.

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