Thursday, January 19, 2012

Movies Name -JO Hum Chahein

Hum Chahein

Film Poster
Directed by Pawan Gill
Produced by Aman Gill
Written by Pawan Gill
Starring Sunny Gill
Simran Kaur Mundi
Music by Sachin Gupta
Cinematography Manush Nandan
Editing by Bakul Matiyani
Studio Gill Pictures Entertainment
Release date(s) December 16, 2011
Country India
Language Hindi
 To be fair to the film, the male lead Sunny Gill (despite his hopeless Hrithik Roshan hangover) makes a handsome debut. Also he's decent enough in the acting and emoting department. And devoid of a star-studded cast, the film still boasts of high production values. What goes horribly wrong with the film then is that it's backed by an outmoded plotline that is certainly not jo hum chahein.

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