Friday, December 30, 2011

All About Movies Name Miley Naa Miley Hum 2011

Director: Tanveer Khan
Cast: Chirag Paswan, Kangana Ranaut

There seems to be a covert agenda on why producer Anuj Saxena would invest on the film's male lead. Chirag Paswan lacks screen presence so much so that you disregard him from the frame and take more notice of the in-film brand endorsements in the backdrop, which includes Saxena's pharmaceutical lineup.

Chirag (Chirag Paswan) happens to be the blue-eyed boy of his father ( Kabir Bedi) and mother (Poonam Dhillon), though his parents have separated years ago. Reason? Mother was upset that father was playing tennis when son was born!!! Never mind, now both the parents are hell-bent to marry off their only son to a girl of their choice. Prospective candidates come in form of Bollywood stereotypes of an NRI chick (Sagarika Ghatge) and the desi Punjabi kudi prototype (Neeru Bajwa).

One song with each contender and Chirag is convinced that neither girl is his type. So he hires an aspiring model Anishka (Kangana Ranaut) to pose as his girlfriend to ward off the others. All that the goofy Anishka does is spit and puke on Chirag and he still falls in love with her!!! Amidst all this, just forgot to mention (like the script) that Chirag's heart actually beats for tennis sport. Interested or not, you have to sit through an entire match before the film ends.

Writer-director Tanveer Khan comes up with a boring plot, which doesn't even qualify to be a TV serial and above that a screenplay, which is as amateurish as the performances. In what would seem like the most unconvincing scene of the year - when daddy dear makes a phone call to long-lost friend ( Dalip Tahil) with a marriage proposal for their kids, the friend, who is almost on the verge of marrying off his daughter to someone else, instantly calls off the engagement. Saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed would only be an understatement.

Chirag Paswan tries too hard to make an impact but fails to deliver with an inflexible demeanour. Had it been some other genre, one could have passed it off as a no-nonsense character (but sorry, no luck here). He maintains the same expression (or the lack of it) throughout the film. Thanks to her lack of comic timing, Kangana Ranaut continues to consistently disappoint from No Problem, Rascals to this one. Sagarika Ghatge and Neeru Bajwa are hardly there for a couple of scenes and comparatively Shweta Tiwari gets more visibility in her solo item number. Poonam Dhillon almost reprises her role from Dil Bole Hadippa. And Kabir Bedi's baritone leaves more impact than the whole film.

So if the question is Miley Naa Miley Hum, you know the answer...

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