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Hindi Movies Makkhi (2012)


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Directed by S S Rajamouli                                            
Produced by Sai Korrapati
Written by S S Rajamouli
Janardhan Maharshi
Starring Sudeep
Music by M. M. Keeravani
Cinematography K.K. Senthil Kumar
Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Studio Suresh Productions
Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram
Makuta Graphics
Distributed by 14 Reels Entertainment 
Release date(s)
July 6, 2012
Running time 133 minutes
Country India
Language Telugu
Budget 30 crore (US$5.67 million)
Box office 125 crore (US$23.63 million.

Nani (Nani) is a young man who makes fireworks. He lives in a house opposite Bindu (Samantha), who is a micro artist and who also runs Project 511, an NGO. Nani is in in love with Bindu for two years and has been constantly showing his love for Bindu. Bindu too loves Nani back but plays hard to get and hides her love from him.
Sudeep (Sudeep) is a multi-millionaire industrialist who also happens to be a womaniser. He had even killed his wife for her money. One day, Bindu goes to Sudeep's office to see if he would like to donate money to her NGO. Sudeep is about to send her away, until he sees Bindu through the opening of his office door. He immediately lusts for her, and calls her into his office. Bindu, not knowing of Sudeep's true intentions, tells him all about her NGO, who donates 15 lakhs to it. Bindu thanks Sudeep, who asks her out to lunch.
At the restaurant, Bindu sees Nani and his friends installing fireworks across the street. Sudeep notices that Bindu keeps staring at Nani and becomes jealous. Later, when Sudeep and Bindu stop at a market, Nani also comes and walks with Bindu. Sudeep follows them the whole time. That night, Bindu works late and she needs an escort to go home, so she calls Nani who comes to her office and walks her home. At this point, Nani gives Bindu an idea to help finish a necklace she was working on and Bindu is finally ready to confess her love towards Nani. But just in front of Bindu's doorstep, and just after dropping her home, Sudeep kidnaps Nani and takes him to a graveyard, where he beats him mercilessly. He tells Nani that he loves Bindu. Nani tells Sudeep that if he goes anywhere near Bindu, he will kill him. At this, Sudeep strangles Nani to death, right after Bindu tells Nani she loves him through a text and a phone call. Upon hearing that Bindu loves him too, Nani dies. But then, he is reborn as a fly.
After getting used to his new life as a fly, and experimenting with his new abilities, Nani ends up in Sudeep's office. After he sees Sudeep, Nani remembers his past life and wants to take revenge on Sudeep for what he had done. He keeps following Sudeep around, irritating him to the core. Meanwhile, Bindu is grieving the death of Nani, and Sudeep is still trying to make Bindu love him.
One day, Sudeep calls Bindu to her office and asks her to come to Delhi with him to meet the Education Minister, who is planning to nationally recognise Bindu's NGO. Bindu agrees. Nani notices this and causes Sudeep to meet with an accident while he is driving to the airport. Sudeep, lying injured in his wrecked car, sees Nani write the words "I will kill you". From that point, Sudeep starts fearing Nani the fly, becomes paranoid about it and tries all means to ensure Nani does not enter his house.

The Fly protagonist
Later, Nani arrives at Bindu's house, who is still thinking about him. Nani uses Bindu's tears on her desk to write out the words, "I am Nani". He then shows Bindu that it was Sudeep who killed him, and that he was reborn as a fly. Bindu realises Sudeep's true nature and teams up with Nani the fly, using her skills as a micro artist to make Sudeep's life a living hell. Bindu discreetly allows Nani to enter Sudeep's house, and Nani wreaks havoc on him, including burning all of his wealth. A terrified Sudeep then consults Tantra, a sorcerer, who tells him that Nani, whom he had killed, was reborn as a fly and is planning to kill him. Tantra performs a 'homa' in Sudeep's house to kill Nani. But Nani escapes and causes a short circuit, leaving Tantra dead and Sudeep unconscious.
Next morning, Sudeep regains consciousness and finds out that Bindu and Nani are working together to kill him by seeing a CCTV video in which Bindu allowed Nani in his house. Enraged, Sudeep brings Bindu to his house and starts abusing her. He also clips Nani's wings and stabs it with a needle. A dying Nani then sacrifices its life by jumping through a lighted matchstick, inflaming itself and entering a loaded cannon, which fires up and kills Sudeep.
Bindu, grieving the fly's death, makes a necklace using the only remainder of Nani the fly- its wing. While going to work, an eve-teaser abuses her, only for a fly to attack him. This fly is none other than Nani, reborn again as a fly, to protect his love Bindu forever.

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