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Movies Name Agent Vinod 2012

Agent Vinod

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Sriram Raghavan
Produced by Saif Ali Khan
Dinesh Vijan
Story by Sriram Raghavan
Arijit Biswas
Starring Saif Ali Khan
Kareena Kapoor
Music by Pritam Chakraborty
Cinematography C.K. Muraleedharan
Editing by Pooja Surti
Distributed by Illuminati Films
Eros Entertainment
Release date(s) 23 March 2012[1]
Running time 2hr 32mins
Country India
Language Hindi
Budget INR60 crore (US$11.97 million)[2]
Box office INR9.41 crore (US$1.88 million) (First Day)
 Somewhere in the Dasht-E-Margoh desert in remote Afghanistan, inside a fortified Taliban camp, an ISI official, Col.Huzefa (Shahbaz Khan), is interrogating a captured man (Saif Ali Khan) suspected to be an Indian agent. The man calling himself 'Mahendra Sandhu' offers up details about RAW's operations in Afghanistan in exchange for safe passage across the border. He betrays his colleague, Major Rajan (Ravi Kissen) of the Bihar Regiment, who has also infiltrated the camp posing as an electrician from Quetta. This is only a ruse, as both overpower their captors and fight their way out of the camp. Along the way, they also rescue a girl called Farah (Maryam Zakaria). The man, as it turns out, is actually a RAW agent and his nom-de-guerre is Agent Vinod.

Meanwhile in Russia, a mafia don called Andrei Sukharov, who has obtained a miniature nuclear device, is summarily executed in an deserted cemetery by a group led by a beautiful Russian girl. The nuclear device is stolen and put up for sale. A hasty teleconference is arranged among prominent international businessmen, who are apparently concerned that the device may be misused. An Indian tycoon, Sir Jagadishwar Metla (Dhritiman Chaterji), offers to handle the situation.

Abu Nazer (Ram Kapoor), an Indo-Russian mobster and money-launderer for the Lashkar-e-Toiba, meets a ISI official code-named 'Colonel' (Adil Hussain) on the Trans-Siberian Express. One of Abu Nazer's bodyguards is actually Major Rajan, who is listening into their conversation. They discuss a future operation in India, for which Abu Nazer is to send $50 Million to Morocco to purchase '242'. Before he can find out more, Rajan is discovered. He jumps off the train and escapes.

In New Delhi, Agent Vinod, back from Afghanistan, enters RAW headquarters to meet his boss Hassan Nawaz. Nawaz shows him Major Rajan's final message from Russia. Just as he completes his message, Rajan is killed by a man who has a scorpion tattoo on his forearm. Nawaz asks Vinod to find out what '242' actually is.

Vinod travels to Moscow, and enters a nightclub owned by Abu Nazer. He manages to capture and interrogate Nazer, who tells him a man called Freddie Khambatta is to smuggle the $50 million to Morocco. Vinod is almost captured by Nazer's men, but he manages to escape, killing Nazer in the process.

Vinod boards a flight to Marakkesh, Morocco. Freddie Khambatta, the man who is smuggling the $50 million on board, is the flight steward. Vinod seduces him and picks him up from the airport, only to steal the money and assume his place. As Freddie, Vinod meets local mafia boss David Kazan (Prem Chopra), who we learn, has just put down his favorite camel. Kazan is accompanied by his personal Pakistani Doctor, the beautiful Ruby Mendes (Kareena Kapoor). Kazan suspects Vinod, and gets Ruby to administer him a truth serum. Vinod blurts out that he is a RAW agent and killed Abu Nazer. Kazan confronts Vinod when he regains consciousness, but Vinod manages to convince him he is Freddie Khambatta, and explains he had to kill Abu Nazer to protect the mission.

In the meantime, Vinod also gets closer to Ruby, and tries to find out what '242' actually is. Ruby is actually Iram, a British-Pakistani who is working undercover for the ISI. He learns that many International terrorist groups are converging on an antiques auction in Marakkesh, to purchase lot '242'. He brings Ruby to the auction, where Kazan is also present along with Sir Jagadishwar Metla. Vinod spots an LTTE agent he had encountered previously in Sri Lanka, and from him, learns that '242' is actually the detonator for the nuclear device, disguised as an antique volume of Omar Khayyam's 'Rubaiyyat'. A bidding war ensues, and Kazan manages to secure the detonator.

Kazan locks the detonator with a password, and then hands it over to 'Colonel', who has arrived in Morocco. Meanwhile, Ruby/Iram stumbles onto the real Freddie Khambatta, and finds out Vinod is a RAW agent. Managing to escape from men trying to kill them, both agree to work together to prevent the nuclear device from falling into the wrong hands. Ruby returns to Kazan's Estate only to find out that the estate has been ransacked and Kazan has been shot dead by 'Colonel'. 'Colonel' captures Ruby and asks her to reveal the whereabouts of Agent Vinod. He plants a sniper next to the hotel where Agent Vinod is to rendezvous with Ruby. The sniper takes a shot at him but Agent Vinod manages to escape with a flesh wound and is admitted to a Hospital. The assasin reaches the hospital in the guise of a doctor and tries to administer a venom injection to Vinod. Vinod spots the scorpion tattoo on the doctor's forearm and overpowers him, killing him with the venom injection.Agent Vinod then clears his way out of the hospital to find Iram.

Meanwhile, 'Colonel' who is now in possession of the detonator has reached Latvia to acquire the bomb. He enlists Iram to seduce an airport logistics employee to get his ID card so that the Nuclear bomb can be transported out of Latvia. Iram succeeds in doing so, and 'Colonel' provides the ID card to his man who transports the bomb to Somalia. With the help of some Somalian pirates, he sets off from the coast of Somalia for Karachi.

Meanwhile, in Chaman, Baluchistan, the head of the ISI gets a call from RAW's Hassan Nawaz, who asks him why it is acquiring the nuclear device. The ISI chief has no knowledge of this, and promises to investigate. However, he is murdered by Col.Huzefa, who we learn, is part of a group of rogue ISI colonels who are planning an unauthorized attack on India.

Iram and Vinod now reach Karachi, and during a musical function,& here they meet the rescued girl Farah (Maryam Zakaria) who actually is a dancer and with her help they enter the wedding party of an Indian mafia don (Gulshan Grover) given sanctuary by the ISI. There, they learn that Col.Huzefa and the don have agreed to smuggle the nuclear device from Karachi into India via the sea route. However, they are then captured by Col.Huzefa, from whom they learn the target of the bomb is New Delhi. They manage to escape, and make it to New Delhi, where they try to find the location of the bomb. They find that the colonel is staying with an ISI agent who is an old proffessor, Iram sets to find the map in proffessor's house aided by Armed Commandos, she succeeds in locating the torn map but discovered by proffessor who tries to strangle her and in a process the Armed commandos locate and shots dead the proffessor. Iram next hurries up to the exhibition where Colonel is hiding as a pilot in disguise to sir Jagdishwar Metla who was supposed to be the chief guest of the exhibition.

It so happens that Sir Jagadishwar Metla, who is a highly acclaimed philanthropist businessman, is also in India. He is revealed to be the mastermind behind the attack, facilitating the ISI men planting the bomb, and planning to escape just before the explosion. By exploding a nuclear bomb in New Delhi, Metla hopes to make a fortune by shorting Indian stocks and bonds, and profiteering from the war that is certain to erupt between Pakistan and India. Iram runs into 'Colonel', and is shot, but points him out to Indian security forces, who kill him. Eventually, Vinod tracks down the bomb and shoots the conman who wants to plant it at an ice cream parlour but not knowing the password, takes the bomb up in a Helicopter, to detonate it as far away from the city as possible. The dying Iram, who realizes that David Kazan had set the password to the detonator, asks Vinod to try the name of Kazan's favorite camel as the password. Her guess is right, and the device is disarmed. New Delhi is saved, but Iram, who is seriously wounded, dies.

Vinod is summoned by his boss Hassan Nawaz, who informs him of Sir Metla's involvement in the attack. Sir Metla is too influential a figure to be arrested by the Indian government, and there is no evidence against him that can stand up in court. Nawaz hints that Vinod, however, can arrange an 'accident'. Vinod meets Sir Metla in London, and confronts him with a recording showing he planned the attack. Metla, however, mocks Vinod, telling him world affairs are too complex for 'lowly police officers' to understand. However, Vinod is wearing a wire, and London agents of the Lashkar-e-Toiba are listening in. Realizing that they have been manipulated by Metla into almost starting a war with India, the Lashkar sends a suicide bomber (Arif Zakaria) to assassinate Metla at a function in his honor. Metla is killed, but posthumously feted as a hero and great philanthropist.

On a beach somewhere, we see the beautiful Russian girl who first acquired the nuclear device, sunbathing in a bikini. She looks up to find Agent Vinod smiling at her. It is apparent Vinod has moved on to his next mission.

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